Hellberta is Calling

If you enjoy being deceived by the provincial political powers that be, answer the call!
We will be waiting for you

Do you feel the burn?

Nothing is what is it.

This is Hellberta, where you can and will be fooled twice. Or maybe more.

Alberta is launching a World Economic Forum approved Digital ID, provided by ATB (as in Alberta Treasury Branch, but the ventures business division), based on the Oliu platform.  ATB owns Oliu, by the way; they created it. Let me rephrase this: the Alberta governement created this digital ID product, as in the UCP government created this. The launch of this "product", developed for all Canadians, will put Canada on par with China and Saudi Arabia. Fun fact: Saudia Arabia ranks 2nd for citizen execution, with China taking the #1 spot!! Do you feel relieved to have such a secure identification method? Are you proud to be Albertan?  During the 2020 pandemic, in order to receive CERB payments, an Albertan had to sign up for Alberta's digital ID to receive the cash. Alberta was ready and waiting for this moment.  Thanks UCP!

Digital Competitiveness Map

Click on the "Oliu link" button below, to go directly to ATB's Oliu website.  Scroll down through all of the dazzling infographs to find the global map of countries fully adopting digital ID.  Are you surprised that Germany and South Africa are refusing?  Click on the small 2 to confirm the World Economic Forum link approving such drastic measures.  When I think of shining examples of democracy, freedom of speech, and personal freedom, I think of China and Saudi Arabia!!  Don't you?

Have we got a great deal for 

If you like illusion, lies, manipulation, and deceit, bundled with world-class surveillance and tracking, you will find it all in Hellberta.  Digital ID has been immensely helpful in tracking down those who oppose their government.  ...so helpful, that execution rates have increased significantly in China and Saudi Arabia, where digital ID is fundamental to their regime. When you get the chance, thank a UCP MLA for setting up this program to help all Albertans and all of Canada!  Security feels swell!

Come. Join us.